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The Collected Letters of Alan Watts

"Alan Watts's influence in the USA, which began to really flourish in the mid-1950s, was remarkable. Alan was so clear and such a good writer, and so well grounded in the teachings and worldview he extolled, that he was taken by some as 'easy' and glib. Without artifice, a truly human life and heart, he was both deep and accessible, and made no effort to impress. Consequently, he was impressive, and he lived his life fully and to the end. . . . I knew Alan over twenty-five years, and he was always a grand and instructive friend to me. Yet it took some years after his death before I could see and appreciate the whole. This collection of letters will entrance and challenge you, and be with you for decades."
Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize–winning poet


"The Collected Letters adds a new portal to the identity of the man most responsible for introducing Zen Buddhism and the many strands of Eastern philosophy to the masses in the West." --Joe Taylor, Foreword Reviews, November/December 2017 Issue (5 Hearts Rating)


Published by New World Library | Novato, CA |

Hardcover | $32.50 | 616 pp. | 6 x 9 | Illustrations | ISBN 978-1-60868-415-1

Available at your favorite bookstore or Also as an E-Book.


First paperbound printing released December 2018 | $22.95 | 978-1-60868-608-7

Available as above.

In My Own Way

One of the most unconventional of philosophers and men reviews his entire life and his amazingly varied range of interests. Studded with such unforgettable people as Aldous Huxley, Christmas Humphries, D.T. Suzuki, Joseph Campbell, and Timothy Leary, In My Own Way sparkles with enough anecdotes and experiences to fill several lifetimes.


"Exuberant . . . It is possible to categorize Watts's autobiography as merely a diverting, candid, brilliantly written egocentric memoir of one's man's expeditious use of philosophy, religion, even science and the arts, to achieve name, fame, a good living and a secure niche in the current cultural scene. Actually In My Own Way cannot be dismissed in quite such simplistic terms, for it is the account of an exceptional man's search for the basic truth of his own nature. . ."
Nancy Wilson Ross, New York Times Book Review (1972)


"Perhaps the foremost Western interpreter of Eastern thought for the modern world." -- New York Times


Published by New World Library | Novato, CA |

Paperbound | 18.95 | 385 pp. | 5.5 x 8.5 | ISBN 978-1-57731-584-1

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The Meaning of Happiness

Maria Popova, Brain Pickings


"Happiness is a sense of harmony, completion, and wholeness, Watts declares in this classic work. Though first published in 1940 when he was only in his mid-twenties and reissued now by New World Library, Watts' book remains foundational in its early impact on his later work. . . . rewarding and even enlightening."


"Novel and interesting."
New York Times


"This volume springs from the depths of life and learning. It is wise and practical. The author gets our attention on his very first page. . . . The philosophy wrought from these elements of experience and thought is profound yet simple."
New York Herald Tribune


Published by New World Library | Novato, CA |

Third Edition, First Printing by NWL 2018| Paperbound | $16.95 | 280pp.

ISBN 978-1-60868-540-0

Available at your favorite bookstore or Also as an E-Book.